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We are a group of independent citizens concerned about the path that Burlington Telecom is on. Our names are listed at the end of the survey. We have been working quietly and diligently over the past year on a business and marketing plan that will transform BT into a profitable, competitive and attractive enterprise.

We have two major goals: (1) restore public confidence in this local telecommunication system through sound management and responsiveness to community needs, and (2) repay the $17 million of debt back to the City.

To help the group measure the public's interest in its work before officially approaching the City with its plan, you're cordially invited to take our concise, customized survey. It's open to all--even those outside of Burlington are encouraged to participate.

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We are in no way affiliated with Burlington Telecom or the Burlington City Government. We are members of the Burlington community that want to see Burlington Telecom move forward as a profitable and locally-controlled business.

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Our current goal is to widely circulate our marketing survey to citizens and businesses in Burlington and surrounding communities. This survey is meant to assess interest in forming a local cooperative to purchase and operate Burlington's fiber to the home network.

Next Steps

Assuming our survey shows significant support for this initiative, we'll be launching a website on November 26 with more information about our plan.

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